Honouring a Life

To honour the life of a person we can create a memorial or monument. We must take time to reflect on the person or the people we wish to remember, we can't be hurried, taking ample time is an important first step. Reflect on the things that are special about that person. Think of the life they lived, their beginnings, their accomplishments and the milestones in their lives. Their beliefs, their interests, things they liked to do. This will help when you feel its time to create some type of memorial. These things can be expressed and incorporated through symbolic artistry. Ideas can be transformed into tangible forms and images to reflect what was unique about a persons life.

Beyond the care and consideration we give to creating a memorial of some kind, we can honour those who have left this world by appreciating how that person touched our lives. Knowing they will always be a part of who we are. Through remembrance we pay respect, and honour those who have died. As we live and breath, working toward a new life, a positive future for ourselves and those we love that are with us still, in this way too, we honour a life.