A monument can be part of a sacred place where we go to remember. A place that tells a story about a persons life. We honour the traditions of the past with a monument. People for thousands of years have left their stories in stone. We learn of their time, their culture and their people through stone carvings, monuments and buildings of ages past.

Like those who have gone before us, we too leave our stories in stone. A hundred or even a thousand years from now, people will learn something of our time, our culture and our people through the monuments of our time. Our ancestors' may read our names and see something of our life and times, and know that we lived in this world. They may take comfort in knowing that they are part of an unbroken chain of life. Perhaps they too, will choose to tell their stories in stone, to honour those they have loved and lost, as did those who have lived their lives and left this world throughout the ages.