Choosing a Monument Builder

Like buying any type of product it is important to learn about it first. How is it made, how does the product I'm looking at, compare to similar products. Understand what you are paying for and what it is you get. We try to explain what's involved in making monuments, and things to consider before purchasing a monument.

Monument companies order the granite to make monuments, from manufacturers (granite wholesalers). These granite manufactures produce the individual stones to the specifications (shape, size and colour) that the monument company provides them. For the most part cemetery monuments are cut from premium quality granite blocks. Top quality granite monuments are still manufactured in Canada, however in recent years many are produced and imported from China, India, and many countries from around the world. Like many other things these days, polished granite stones have become an international commodity. The quality of the stone itself should be very high no matter where you buy your monument. The big difference can be found in the design, carving and lettering of the stone, how well your ideas are translated into the finished product.

Just as all home renovators and builders have access to the same lumber and building materials as their competitors, what makes the difference between a great renovation project and one that's not, is the care, talent and workmanship of the people who do the building, not simply the materials used. The same is true of mounument builders.


Ask a monument company where the products they sell are made. If they have their own monument shop, ask to see it. Is it well organized? Does it provide a clean and safe working environment for their employees? A disorganized or dangerous environment does not provide an atmosphere for the care and consideration required to do the best job. Assess the quality of workmanship in the shop by looking at monuments they are working on, ask to see monuments that have been completed, that are ready to be delivered to the cemetery. This will give you insight into the type of work they do, and the quality of workmanship you will expect to see in the monument you buy.